The Holman family, who owns and operates Sun Aviation, has a long legacy of aviation excellence.  In 1929, Bud Holman, whose sons and grandsons are now running Sun Aviation, was one of the members of the group that built the Vero Beach airport, which in turn was responsible for bringing the Dodgers, Eastern Airlines, Piper Aircraft and now Elite Airways to Vero Beach.  The family has owned and operated Sun Aviation ever since.
Since 1929, Sun Aviation has delivered a broad scope of business aviation services.  Our attention to detail and extraordinary customer service has enabled us to grow our satisfied customer base, one at a time, year in and year out.  Today, we offer a complete selection of aviation services, from our modern, state-of-the-art FBO and hangars, to our staff of experience charter personnel and fully certified maintenance and avionics professional technicians.
A family owned and operated, full-service aviation services provider, Sun Aviation has a long history and rich legacy in the general aviation community as a knowledgeable maintenance facility and FBO dedicated to customer service. Sun Aviation is known for their expertise in maintenance service and avionics installation and repair. The service they are able to provide with their decades of expertise, allows them to bring an unprecedented level of services to aircraft owners and operators. 
Located adjacent to Piper Aircraft on the Vero Beach Municipal Airport, Sun Aviation has long served as a respected Authorized Piper Service Center providing a unique expertise on the entire family of Piper products.  An authorized Part 145 Repair Station, Sun’s expertise extends to a wide range of general aviation aircraft.   The service center also has authorized service and dealership relationships with numerous leading avionics manufacturers.